Wednesday, March 5, 2014

green fog dream

My Dream, by Will
March 4, 2014

I dreamed I was old enough to walk to school by myself and I was walking to Sand Point Elementary.     Suddenly, a giant cloud of green fog came shooting towards me, not fast, but not very slow either. It was as thick as my whole house is wide- that thick! It was really dangerous, because if you got inside it, you couldn't get out. I started to run, and it started to get so close to me, so I did something no one else can do: I flew as fast as the speed of light. When I was hovering right above ground, a ridge of the fog shot up towards me, and I dodged it. Then I flew to school.

At recess, I had to dodge a few clouds of the fog. At school, my teacher was showing me my homework, so I didn't look at the window of the classroom.

After school, right when I went out the door, fast as the speed of light, I was underground (and I didn't even have to dig: it was a super power). Immediately, I knew where to go, and suddenly, boom, I was at my house.

((That's it. Don't write anymore.))

Mom: What do you think the green fog represented?
Will: Mushed up broccoli.

Monday, October 28, 2013

reptangle makers!

I made this out of reptangles and this is a truncated tetrahedron. It was very hard to make. These reptangles can stick together, and they also have a little note which are the directions which tell you how to make this shape, like a ball.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

frog sink

I'm pouring in gooey cornstarch, when you mix it with water, it becomes a gooey liquid! I put a frog in it, and the cornstarch pulled it in like quicksand. We trudged our hands into it and we pulled out the cornstarch and it stuck to our hands, and it started to goo off towards the other cornstarches. We mixed fast and it was harder, and we mixed slow and it was easier to mix because it is almost like a liquid and a solid at the same time.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


These are every single different leaf I found in my yard. I'm holding them down (for when wind blows) by rocks. Dad is digging over there. He's ripping up netting and old grass. He's going to plant new grass, but before that we are putting out clover seed, for real. Clover gives the dirt energy, its a cover crop.

I'm dressing up as a squirrel right now! Try to find my ears! I dressed up because it was Crazy Squirrel Day, and I wanted to dress up to be cool. The squirrel is my mascot at school, kindergarten!

The ears are way easier to find here. I didn't go on the monkey bars that day, because my squirrel tail was giving me too much heaviness! I got so much attention by this tail. Principal Warren went CRAZY.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I got a cardboard box and I can't tell you all the things, but I attached them all on, then I put antennae on. We put his bone out of his arm, then we stuck cups onto it. He even has a skeleton! We make him move by grabbing on to the feet as you can see, and turn them like you are driving, and his hoop at the top turns, and the arms turn too!

I named him: Mechanical.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Best bat face, and I'm under a trolls finger!

This is me doing my best bat face with bat wings on. I'm at the Seattle Zoo, inside a store. I put this on so my mom would know how to make a bat suit for me for Halloween.

Next, a troll is pretending to smash me. It's under a bridge right now. Try to find the silver glass eye! Try to find something really hard to find: his belly button! It's really hard to see. I'm doing guessing games.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

birthday cake sprinkle solution

This solution is called rainbow sprinkles. If you look closely, you might see some green where the rainbow fell to the bottom. To me, that ME looking through the glass actually is ME because the eyes look not nice, pointier. Because the glass is bent, it bends the light and that's why I look sort of not nice! And there is a heart suspended in midair because this is salt water! And we read about an experiment that an egg floats more the more salt you put in, so I put salt in hot water, so that's why it is floating high up.

Ok, this picture is the same solution with the sprinkles in it, but Isaac just dumped MORE sprinkles in it, and they filled up with water and now they REALLY look like they are hanging in midair. 

Now, I'm going to dump it out in the sink and see what it will look like. Ok, I did it. It smelled yummy, and looked like when I traced chalk with all the little pieces, but it was pink and purple.